Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ZillionTV : Free Internet-Powered TV

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ZillionTV is a startup company with the apparent goal of bringing free internet-powered television and movies to all. They will be releasing a "Z-bar" device that connects to the internet and your television ... think of it as a type of cable box, with a remote and all. You'll be able to get it on the internet via WiFi, or you can hard wire it with a standard ethernet network cable. ZillionTV will continue the trend of ad-supported content streaming for free, but will also offer fee-based content without the ads. They currently have deals with major companies like NBC Universal, Warner Bros., Sony Pictures, ABC/Disney, and fox, which should provide for some great content. Deals made with internet service providers will allow for a useful channel to sell the devices. Unlike Apple TV, Vudu, and Roku, no subscription will actually be required.

The unit will cost under $50, and allow access to up to 15,000 TV shows and movies.

ZillionTV's official website humbly asks everyone to "stay tuned" for now, but the Z-bar is expected to be available for purchase toward the end of this year.

More info here, and here


  1. Interesting. Is it real? Must be a well kept secret.

  2. It's real, but unfortunately not yet available. Soon!