Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Generation Scoot Coupe 2009 Available

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Although the gas prices are certainly not as ridiculous as they were over the summer, the sour economy is making up for that. If you want some serious MPG, but don't mind cruising around in, well... a three-wheeled scooter convertible, then the Scoot Coupe is just right for you. It's made by Panther Motors, which specializes in these three-legged vehicles. The company started in 2004, and this is their latest iteration of the Scoot Coupe. It is a neat looking little thing, but I don't think I would feel safe driving one on the highway. Either way, it looks a little too much like a Power Wheels car to me...

There are currently two models available for purchase:
  • P50 - MSRP $6299
  • P150 - MSPR $6599
With either 9.28 Horse Power @7000 RPM (P150) or 1.9 Horse Power @3000 RPM (P50), you won't be able to hold your own against a Bugatti Veyron. But, it does get about 60 - 70 MPG.

You can find a comparison chart on the ScootCoupe website, as well as a photo gallery and form to place an order. Unless you're going to pick it up in person, ground shipping is an additional $450.

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