Saturday, March 7, 2009

Process at Home Job As Amazing as it Sounds?

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There has long been a desire by many to work from the comfort of their own homes. When that kind of opportunity is coupled with the prospect of making money quickly and easily on the internet, it seems so good that people often buy right into it before doing the research first. The appeal of such "jobs" is now greater than ever. "Process at Home", by Angel Stevens, is one that has been getting a considerable amount of attention lately.

The description given makes it seem like all one has to do to earn up to $15 per rebate is very simple: process rebates! What does it cost to buy into this deal?: $197. And what do you get when you pay your dues? A list of companies who want you to process rebates for them from wherever you want? Nope; you get instructions to sell products from various companies and offer a rebate to your customers. The rebate then comes out of your commission. Still sound like a great opportunity? It might just be, but it's nothing out of the ordinary, and it's definitely deceptively advertised.

So, what's that rule we often ignore? Yep, that's right: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is...

If you still want to take a look at the Process at Home website, it's at But let me warm you, there isn't much there at all. In fact, they now claim to no longer be accepting any new members... I wonder why?...

More info here, and here from someone who actually bought into it, tried it, and returned it for a refund.

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