Wednesday, April 29, 2009

FBaction Facebook Phishing Scam

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It looks like the Facebook stalkers just keep coming up with clever ways to always know what you are doing. An email has been circulating that appears to be an official email from Facebook, although it really isn't. The message contains a link in it that will redirect you to the domain At that site, you are asked to login to your Facebook account, and it looks like a convincing login page. Of course, it won't log you into your Facebook account though. Instead, your login credentials will go straight to the sly phisher.

Again, it must be a stalker right? After all, I don't think scammers will be able to steal credit card information from a Facebook account ...

Facebook responded quickly to the issue. A Facebook representative said:
We are aware of this phishing domain and have already begun to take action. Specifically, we have passed the domain on to Markmonitor who pushes the domain to the browsers for blacklisting. They will also actively try to disable the site at the server/domain level for people who don’t have updated browsers. Our user operations team has blocked the domain from being shared on Facebook and is removing the content retroactively from any messages. They will also be resetting passwords of senders to remove access from an attacker. We’re also reaching out to the ISPs to get information and will attempt to build a civil and/or criminal case against the owners.
Google also recognizes the site as a phishing site, as you can see in the picture above.

So, don't click any links that contain "fbaction" in them and you'll be fine.


  1. If you do a whois lookup on the FBAction domain name then it is reported as unregistered. Puzzling huh?

  2. I tried this as well. It appears to have been registered today.

  3. I couldn't open my facebook inbox and I was given warning message from FB Team. What's going on? :(

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