Saturday, April 4, 2009

Comcast Email Error Shows System is Down for All Customers

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The weekend has brought some serious issues for users of Comcast's email service. Anyone who tried to log in to their Comcast webmail was greeted with an Error code 400. The code simply means that the network is down, but the underlying problem has proven to not be simple to fix. The company initially said the issue would be resolved by 1:00 PM EST today, but later updated that with a 2:00 PM EST resolution time. As of now Comcast technitions are still trying to identify and correct the server problems.

Frank Eliason, Comcast's Director of Digital Care, has been making great use of Twitter. For those of you who don't know, Twitter is quite a useful tool. It allows you to post small, 140-character updates to people who are following you. You can follow others to get their updates as well (follow me on Twitter here). Eliason has been using Twitter to keep customers updated on Comcast's email problems. His latest update, at about 3:15 PM, stated " I will be responding to everyone. Servers are back but some directories are being restored if you are not back should be momentarily." However, another tweet from Eliason just a few minutes later read, " Just received notice that others that were fixed are being impacted again. I am sorry for this trouble and agree unacceptable." Follow Frank Elison on Twitter here (his username is "comcastcares").

How many of you stuck without access to your Comcast webmail are relying on your BlackBerry's more than ever? I know I would be. Get the best of both worlds by using your BlackBerry for email, as well as to follow comcastcares on Twitter, with a great free Twitter program for BlackBerry: TwitterBerry.

More information the Comcast email problems here. Check back for updates!

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