Monday, February 16, 2009

Lenovo ThinkPad with BlackBerry email

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Ever wish you could be out and about and just pop open your laptop having the most recent email waiting for you? Well, Lenovo and Research in Motion (RIM) have developed a way to do this using a laptop ExpressCard, with 'Constant Connect'. The card stays connected to your BlackBerry via Bluetooth and the email goes right to your computer as it comes in. It has 500MB of built-in storage for your messages, allowing them to be saved from your 'Berry even when your ThinkPad is off. Sure, you could tether your device or just get a laptop card with your cellular service provider, but technically you need an expensive tethering/pc data plan to do that. With Constant Connect, not only do you get email on your laptop as quickly as your BlackBerry, but it might be a way around the tethering plans... unless the terms somehow cover this.

More info over at engadget

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